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noun | verb

act noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
acto, hecho, acción; ley, decreto; acto (en una obra de teatro), numero (en un espectáculo); fingimiento

Ejemplos de uso de
act noun

  • We were grateful for her many acts of kindness.
  • the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Please read act II, scene 1 of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  • In the first act, two characters are talking in a restaurant.

Sinónimos detallados para act noun

Ver: Law

act verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
acted, has acted, is acting, acts
actuar, interpretar; fingir, simular; comportarse; servir, funcionar; tomar medidas

Ejemplos de uso de
act verb

  • He knew he had to act quickly.
  • The government was slow to act.
  • She acted on behalf of her father, who was not at the meeting.
  • Many famous movie stars have also acted on Broadway.
  • I believe that the killer acted alone.
  • She acted in self-defense when she killed her attacker.
  • We were acting in the best interests of our children.
  • We must act soon to end this crisis.
  • She learned at an early age how to act properly in social situations.
  • People are always telling me how I should act and what I should say.
  • I noticed that the dog was acting funny this morning.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Act like se refiere a comportarse como alguien o algo en particular. You two are acting like children.

Sinónimos detallados para act verb

Ver: Seem

Verbos frasales para act

  • act out - portarse mal (para hacerse notar)
  • act up - (británico, informal) tener una rabieta, portarse mal

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Traducción inversa para act

acto  - act, deed, act (in a play) 
hecho  - fact, event, act, action 
acción  - action, act, deed, share, stock 
ley  - law, purity (of metals) 
decreto  - decree 
acto  (en una obra de teatro) - act, deed, act (in a play) 
numero  (en un espectáculo) - number, issue (of a publication) 
fingimiento  - pretense 
actuar  - to act, to perform 
interpretar  - to interpret, to play, to perform 
fingir  - to feign, to pretend 
simular  - to simulate, to feign, to pretend 
comportarse  - to behave, to conduct oneself 
servir  - to serve, to be of use to, to work, to serve, to wait, to be of use, to be helpful, to fill (an order) 
funcionar  - to function, to run, to work, (informal, figurative) to do the trick 
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