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adjective | verb

abstracted adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
abstraído, distraído

Ejemplos de uso de
abstracted adjective

  • She said hello but she seemed a bit abstracted.
  • the man on the train seemed somewhat abstracted, and he did indeed forget to get off at his stop

abstract verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
abstracted, has abstracted, is abstracting, abstracts
abstraer, extraer; compendiar, resumir

Ejemplos de uso de
abstract verb

  • Data for the study was abstracted from hospital records.
  • personal problems abstracted him so persistently that he struggled to keep his mind on his work

Sinónimos de
abstract verb

Traducción inversa para abstracted

abstraído  - preoccupied, withdrawn 
distraído  - distracted, preoccupied, absentminded, (figurative) in a haze 
abstraer  - to abstract 
extraer  - to extract 
compendiar  - to summarize, to condense 
resumir  - to summarize, to sum up 
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