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wriggle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
wriggled, has wriggled, is wriggling, wriggles
retorcerse, menearse

Ejemplos de uso de
wriggle verb

  • The children wriggled and squirmed in their chairs.
  • She managed to wriggle free of her ropes.
  • They wriggled out of their wet clothes.
  • I had trouble getting the wriggling fish off my hook.
  • The snake wriggled across the path and went underneath a bush.
  • He was able to wriggle through the narrow opening.

Traducción inversa para wriggling

retorcerse  - to get twisted, to get tangled up, to squirm, to writhe, to wiggle about 
menearse  - to wiggle one's hips, to fidget 
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