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noun | verb

wrench noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tirón, jalón; torcedura
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A wrench is used to tighten or loosen bolts, knobs and taps.

Ejemplos de uso de
wrench noun

  • With a sharp wrench of the hammer I pulled the nail from the board.
  • It was a wrench to say goodbye to all my friends.

Sinónimos de
wrench noun

wrench verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
wrenched, has wrenched, is wrenching, wrenches
arrancar (de un tirón); torcerse (un tobillo, un musculo, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
wrench verb

  • I tried to wrench free from his grip.
  • I tried to wrench myself free from his grip.
  • He wrenched his back when he tried to lift a heavy box.
  • She wrenched the toy from his grasp.
  • The statue was wrenched from its pedestal.

Sinónimos de
wrench verb

Sinónimos detallados para wrench verb

Ver: Jerk

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Traducción inversa para wrench

tirón  - pull, tug, yank 
jalón  - milestone, landmark, pull, tug 
torcedura  - twisting, buckling, sprain 
arrancar  (de un tirón) - to pull out, to tear out, to start an engine, (figurative) to jump start, to pick, to pluck (a flower), to get going, to start (an engine), to boot (a computer) 
torcerse  (un tobillo, un musculo, etc.)
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