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work up verb

unfavorite favorite
estimular, excitar

Ejemplos de uso de
work up verb

  • spent years working up a period novel that was historically accurate in every detail

work noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
trabajo, labor; empleo; tarea, faena; obra; obra (de arte o literatura)

Ejemplos de uso de
work noun

  • She is trying to find work in publishing.
  • How long have you been looking for work?
  • He started work as a car salesman.
  • I know him through work.
  • She didn't come to work today.
  • He left work a few minutes ago.
  • She's not here right now. She's at work.
  • She went out with her friends from work.
  • Can you describe your work to the class?
  • A large part of the work is responding to e-mails.

Traducción inversa para work up

estimular  - to stimulate, to encourage 
excitar  - to excite, to arouse 
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