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verb | noun

wear verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
wore, has worn, is wearing, wears
llevar (ropa, un reloj, etc.), calzar (zapatos); durar

Ejemplos de uso de
wear verb

  • He was wearing blue jeans.
  • She wore a red blouse to work.
  • White coats are often worn by doctors.
  • He doesn't wear a watch.
  • a badge worn by police officers
  • Were you wearing a seat belt?
  • She wears her hair in a ponytail.
  • I used to wear my hair long.
  • The teacher was wearing a frown.
  • He wore a hole in his pants.

Sinónimos de
wear verb

¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado es wore.

wear noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
uso; ropa; desgaste

Ejemplos de uso de
wear noun

  • shoes that are perfect for everyday wear
  • The deck is built to withstand years of wear.
  • I got a lot of wear out of these boots.
  • a new line of evening wear
  • The carpet is showing signs of wear.
  • You should inspect the tires for wear.

Sinónimos de
wear noun

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Traducción inversa para wear

llevar  (ropa, un reloj, etc.) - to have, to lead, to take away, to carry, to wear, to take, to lead 
calzar  (zapatos) - to wear (shoes), to provide with shoes 
durar  - to last, to endure 
uso  - use, wear, custom, usage, habit 
ropa  - clothes 
desgaste  - deterioration, wear and tear 
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