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adjective | verb

washed-up adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
acabado (dícese de una persona), fracasado (dícese de un negocio, etc.)

wash up verb

unfavorite favorite
arrastrar (hacia la costa por el agua)

Ejemplos de uso de
wash up verb

  • Why won't you wash up while I make you something to eat?
  • You should always wash up well after playing outside with the dog.
  • Some strange objects washed up on the shore during the storm.

wash verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
washed, has washed, is washing, washes
lavar, limpiar, fregar; mojar; bañar

Ejemplos de uso de
wash verb

  • We have to wash the dishes.
  • Did you wash your hands?
  • The flooding washed sand and silt all over the area.
  • The pollution washes into rivers from nearby factories.
  • Water washed over the deck of the ship.
  • Waves washed up onto the beach.

Sinónimos de
wash verb

Traducción inversa para washed-up

acabado  (dícese de una persona) - finished, done, completed, old, worn-out 
fracasado  (dícese de un negocio, etc.) - unsuccessful, failed 
arrastrar  (hacia la costa por el agua) - to drag, to tow, to hang down, to trail, to draw, to attract 
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