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adjective | verb

twisted adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
twisted adjective

  • He has a twisted walking stick made from a blackthorn sapling.
  • The car was a heap of twisted metal after the accident.

twist verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
twisted, has twisted, is twisting, twists
retorcerse, enroscarse, serpentear (dícese de un río, un camino, etc.); torcer, retorcer

Ejemplos de uso de
twist verb

  • The toy can be twisted into different shapes.
  • She twisted balloons into the shapes of different animals.
  • The antenna was twisted out of shape.
  • He twists his lip into an odd expression when he's thinking.
  • Twist the dials on the radio.
  • The bottle cap twists off.

Traducción inversa para twisted

retorcido  - gnarled, twisted 
retorcerse  - to get twisted, to get tangled up, to squirm, to writhe, to wiggle about 
enroscarse  - to coil, to twine 
serpentear  (dícese de un río, un camino, etc.) - to twist, to wind 
torcer  - to bend, to twist, to turn, to sprain, to turn (a corner), to wring, to wring out, to distort 
retorcer  - to twist, to wring 
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