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verb | noun

toss verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tossed, has tossed, is tossing, tosses
sacudir, agitar, mezclar (una ensalada); sacudirse, moverse agitadamente; tirar, echar, lanzar

Ejemplos de uso de
toss verb

  • She tossed the ball high in the air.
  • She tossed the paper at the recycling bin.
  • He tossed his dirty socks onto the floor.
  • He tossed his head back.
  • She tossed her hair and smiled.
  • Waves tossed the ship about.
  • The ship tossed on the waves.

Sinónimos detallados para toss verb

Ver: Throw

toss noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
lanzamiento, tiro, tirada, lance (de dados, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
toss noun

  • They decided what to do by a coin toss.
  • the toss of a coin
  • She threw her hair back with a toss of her head.

Sinónimos de
toss noun

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Traducción inversa para toss

sacudir  - to shake, to beat, to jerk, to jolt, to dust off, to shake up, to shock 
agitar  - to agitate, to shake, to wave, to flap, to stir up 
mezclar  (una ensalada) - to mix, to blend, to mix up, to muddle, to involve 
sacudirse  - to shake off 
tirar  - to pull, to draw, to throw, to hurl, to toss, to shoot, to throw away, to throw out, to waste, to attract, to knock down, to shoot, to fire, to launch, to get by, to manage, to take (a photo), to print, to run off 
echar  - to start off, to throw, to cast, to hurl, to throw out, to expel, to emit, give off, to sprout, to put forth, to fire, to dismiss, to put in, to add 
lanzar  - to throw, to hurl, to pitch, to launch, to roll out 
lanzamiento  - throw, pitch (in baseball), launching, launch 
tiro  - shot, gunshot, shot, kick (in sports), flue, team (of horses, etc.) 
tirada  - throw, distance, stretch, printing, issue 
lance  (de dados, etc.) - event, incident, quarrel, throw, cast (of a net, etc.), move, play (in a game), throw (of dice) 
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