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retrieve verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
retrieved, has retrieved, is retrieving, retrieves
cobrar; recuperar

Ejemplos de uso de
retrieve verb

  • Many archaeological relics were retrieved from the site.
  • Police retrieved his stolen car.
  • You can quickly retrieve data.
  • The files were retrieved from the computer.
  • He was able to retrieve the document.
  • The dog is learning how to retrieve.
  • The dog has been trained to retrieve birds.

Sinónimos de
retrieve verb

Traducción inversa para to retrieve

cobrar  - to charge, to be paid, to collect, to draw, to earn, to acquire, to gain, to recover, to retrieve, to cash (a check), to claim, to take (a life), to shoot (game), to bag 
recuperar  - to recover, to get back, to retrieve, to recuperate, to make up for 
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