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to unfreeze (assets
para descongelar (activos
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unfreeze verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
unfroze, has unfrozen, is unfreezing, unfreezes
descongelar; descongelarse

Ejemplos de uso de
unfreeze verb

  • We can't wait until the ground unfreezes so we can start gardening.
  • The warm weather unfroze the lake.
  • The Justice Department agreed to unfreeze the company's assets.
  • I had to wait for my computer to unfreeze before I could read my e-mail.
  • He helped me to unfreeze my computer.

asset noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ventaja, recurso

Ejemplos de uso de
asset noun

  • The company had to sell some of its assets to to raise money.
  • The state's natural assets include mountains and beautiful lakes.
  • Rumors persisted that CIA assets were behind the coup d'état.