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to start off
para empezar
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to, start, off.

start verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
started, has started, is starting, starts
levantarse de un salto, sobresaltarse, dar un respingo; empezar, comenzar, iniciar; provocar, causar; salir (de viaje, etc.); fundar, montar, establecer; arrancar (dícese de un motor); arrancar, poner en marcha, encender

Ejemplos de uso de
start verb

  • They started clearing land for the new housing development.
  • He started studying music at the age of five.
  • As soon as you're ready to play, we'll start.
  • Let's start with some warm-up exercises.
  • He deleted what he wrote and started fresh.
  • Olympic athletes start young and train hard.
  • I started the quilt last month.
  • Have you started your book report?
  • We started the meeting at 6:30.
  • She started the meeting with a brief review of the previous meeting.

off adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
más remoto, distante; empezado; apagado; cancelado, suspendido; erróneo, incorrecto; remoto, lejano; libre

Ejemplos de uso de
off adjective

  • The water is off.
  • The lever is in the off position.

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off adjective