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to stand on end
para estar de pie
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to, stand, on, end.

stand verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stood, has stood, is standing, stands
estar de pie, estar parado; poner, colocar; aguantar, soportar; estar; seguir

Ejemplos de uso de
stand verb

  • Don't stand near the window.
  • He was standing next to me.
  • All of the seats on the bus were taken so we had to stand.
  • He can stand using a cane.
  • He was standing in a puddle of water.
  • The deer stood still, listening for danger.
  • We had to stand in line for over an hour.
  • Two bowling pins were left standing.
  • A shovel and rake stood in the corner.
  • She stood the ladder against the house.
  • She was standing near the window.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado es stood.

end noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
extremo, final, punta; fin

Ejemplos de uso de
end noun

  • The report is due at the end of the month.
  • She interviewed several players at the end of the game.
  • The restaurant is in the north end of the city.
  • We biked from one end of the island to the other.
  • The house is at the end of the road.
  • They live at opposite ends of town.
  • the deep end of a swimming pool
  • She drove the end of the stake into the ground.
  • The car's front end was damaged.
  • One end of the rope was tangled.