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to set free
para liberar
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to, set, free.

set verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
set, has set, is setting, sets
poner; fraguar (dícese del cemento, etc.), cuajar (dícese de la gelatina, etc.); sentar; ponerse (dícese del sol o de la luna); fijar, establecer; poner (un reloj, etc.); hacer

Ejemplos de uso de
set verb

  • We need to set some extra chairs around the table.
  • He set the ladder against the wall and walked away.
  • I remember setting my bag right here.
  • They set the bricks along the walkway.
  • The jeweler can set the stone several different ways.
  • He turned off the car and set the parking brake.
  • Rangers will set a trap to catch the bear.
  • We set an extra place at the table for our guest.

Sinónimos de
set verb

¿Sabes el significado de set up?
  • Set up significa prepararse para algo poniendo cosas donde tienen que estar. También significa organizar > I’m going to set up a meeting with our boss. Adicionalmente puede significar establecer > He set up a charity on behalf of his family.

free adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
libre; gratuito, gratis; espontáneo, voluntario; desocupado; suelto

Ejemplos de uso de
free adjective

  • They're giving out free tickets to the show.
  • The school newsletter is free.
  • After 10 years in jail, he was finally a free man.
  • The animal struggled to get free of the trap.
  • His legs became caught in the net, and he was unable to get himself free.