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report verb

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reported, has reported, is reporting, reports
hacer un informe, informar; relatar, anunciar; dar parte de, informar de, reportar; informar acerca de (en un periódico, la televisión, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
report verb

  • The murder was reported in the national news.
  • Several TV stations are reporting that the police are close to making an arrest.
  • Their job is to report the news accurately and fairly.
  • He was asked to report the details of the meeting.
  • Tomorrow the committee will report its findings on air pollution.
  • The doctor reported some improvement in her condition.

Sinónimos de
report verb

Traducción inversa para to report

informar  - to report, to inform 
relatar  - to relate, to tell 
anunciar  - to announce, to advertise, to foreshadow 
reportar  - to check, to restrain, to bring, to carry, to yield, to report 
informar acerca de  (en un periódico, la televisión, etc.)
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