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relate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
related, has related, is relating, relates
conectar, estar relacionado (con); relatar, contar; relacionar, asociar; relacionarse (con), llevarse bien (con)

Ejemplos de uso de
relate verb

  • You must be feeling awful. I went through something similar myself last year, so I can relate.
  • We listened eagerly as she related the whole exciting story.

Sinónimos de
relate verb

Traducción inversa para to relate

conectar  - to connect 
relatar  - to relate, to tell 
contar  - to count, to count (up), to matter, to be of concern, to tell, to include 
relacionar  - to relate, to connect 
asociar  - to associate, to connect, to pool (resources), to take into partnership 
relacionarse  (con) - to be in contact, to mix with, to mingle with, (informal) to hang out with, to relate, to connect, to network (for business) 
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