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to pronounce judgment on
para pronunciar sentencia sobre
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pronounce verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
pronounced, has pronounced, is pronouncing, pronounces
pronunciar; declarar

Ejemplos de uso de
pronounce verb

  • She practices pronouncing foreign words.
  • I'm sorry. I can't pronounce your name.
  • The priest pronounced a blessing on their home.
  • The doctors pronounced him fit to go back to work.
  • He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.
  • Many senators are pronouncing in favor of the bill.
  • The judge pronounced for the defendant.

judgment noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fallo, sentencia; opinión; juicio, discernimiento

Ejemplos de uso de
judgment noun

  • We have to make a judgment about the value of their services.
  • The judgment of the editors is final.
  • Don't rush to judgment without examining the evidence.
  • “Were his policies good or bad?” “I'll have to reserve judgment on that. It's too soon to know.”
  • Use your own best judgment.
  • The court granted a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs.
  • the judgment of the court
  • I won a judgment against the bank.