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to produce frost
para producir escarcha
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produce verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
produced, has produced, is producing, produces
presentar, mostrar; producir; causar; poner en escena (una obra de teatro), producir (una película)

Ejemplos de uso de
produce verb

  • Thousands of cars are produced here each year.
  • The tree produces good fruit.
  • Honey is produced by bees.
  • twins produced from a single egg
  • The insect bite produced a rash.
  • His suggestion produced the desired results.
  • The region produces large amounts of cotton and tobacco.
  • The college has produced some well-known scientists.

frost noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
helada (en meteorología); escarcha

Ejemplos de uso de
frost noun

  • The grass was covered with frost.
  • Frost formed on the window.
  • These plants should bloom until the first frost of the season.
  • We had an early frost.