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to make room for
para hacer espacio para
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to, make, room, for.

make verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
made, has made, is making, makes
hacer; fabricar; desarrollar, elaborar, formar; constituir; preparar; forzar, obligar

Ejemplos de uso de
make verb

  • He works in a factory that makes jet engines.
  • She made the curtains herself.
  • He collected wood to make a fire.
  • She used cheese and a mixture of other ingredients to make a delicious sauce.
  • Someone was making a disturbance.
  • The car's engine has been making a strange noise lately.
  • The rock made a dent in the car's fender.
  • I'm not trying to make trouble.
  • The typist made a mistake.
  • I called the doctor's office to make an appointment.
¿Sabías esto?
  • En inglés, make se usa principálmente para crear cosas, no hacerlas.

room noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
espacio, sitio, lugar; cuarto, habitación (en una casa), sala (para reuniones, etc.); dormitorio, habitación, pieza

Ejemplos de uso de
room noun

  • Cigarette smoke filled the room.
  • I could hear the TV from the next room.
  • He rents rooms to college students.
  • We're running out of room in the office.
  • The sofa takes up too much room.
  • In the backyard there is enough room to run and play.
  • Is there enough room to turn the car around?
  • There's only room for five people in the car.
  • Don't eat too much. You should leave some room for dessert.
  • There's no more room on the computer disk to save the file.

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room noun