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hesitate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hesitated, has hesitated, is hesitating, hesitates
vacilar, titubear

Ejemplos de uso de
hesitate verb

  • She hesitated and waited for her friend to say something.
  • He hesitated about accepting the job.
  • I sometimes hesitate to say what I am really thinking.
  • I hesitated to come without being asked.
  • I wouldn't hesitate to ask for your help if I felt I needed it.
  • Don't hesitate to call if there is a problem.

Sinónimos detallados para hesitate verb

Hesitate, waver, vacillate, falter, dither, hang back, stall, waffle, hedge significan demostrar irresolución o incertidumbre.
  • Hesitate indica el hacer una pausa antes de decidir o tomar acción <hesitated before answering the question>.
  • Waver indica vacilar después de haber tomado aparentemente una decisión y connota por lo tanto la debilidad o una retirada <this new evidence had caused her to waver in her belief in the man's innocence>.
  • Vacillate indica un titubeo prolongado que resulta de la incapacidad de tomar una decisión con firmeza, y connota asimismo la acción de factores opuestos que llevan a la indecisión <had vacillated until it was too late>.
  • Falter indica un titubeo o tropiezo y suele connotar nerviosismo, falta de coraje o un miedo absoluto <never once faltered during her testimony>.
  • Dither, un término informal, connota retrasar una decisión debido a nerviosismo o duda <found it hard to respect someone who dithered so much>.
  • Hang back connota estar reacio a hacer algo <he always hangs back when everyone else is dancing>.
  • Stall connota retrasar con el propósito de evasión <when asked for the documents, the agency stalled>.
  • Waffle sugiere evadir el tomar una decisión clara <waffled on all the important issues>.
  • Hedge connota evitar el dar una contestación o promesa directa o exacta <when he was questioned about it he hedged>.

Traducción inversa para to hesitate

vacilar  - to hesitate, to vacillate, to waver, to be unsteady, to wobble, to flicker, to joke, to fool around 
titubear  - to hesitate, to stutter, to stammer 
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