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to fall behind
caerse atrás
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fall verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
fell, has fallen, is falling, falls
caer, caerse; caer (dícese de la lluvia o de la noche), bajar (dícese de los precios), descender (dícese de la temperatura); caer (a un enemigo), rendirse
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A man falls on the wet floor.

Ejemplos de uso de
fall verb

  • An apple fell from the tree.
  • A vase fell off the shelf.
  • Rain fell from the sky.
  • the sound of the falling rain
  • She slipped and fell on the ice.
  • He fell flat on his face.
  • She was afraid that I would trip and fall.
  • He fell down the stairs.
  • One of the sailors had fallen overboard.
  • He fell back onto the bed.

Sinónimos de
fall verb

behind adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
atrás, detrás