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to face up to
para enfrentarse a
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to, face, up, to,

face verb

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faced, has faced, is facing, faces
mirar (hacia), estar orientado (a); recubrir (una superficie), forrar (ropa); enfrentarse a, afrontar, hacer frente a; estar de cara a, estar enfrente de; dar a

Ejemplos de uso de
face verb

  • The teacher faced the class.
  • She turned around to face the window.
  • He sat facing the wall.
  • Turn and face to the east.
  • The house faces the park.
  • The living room faces the afternoon sun.
  • My shoe was lying in the corner with its sole facing upward.
  • The flower opens facing skyward.
  • Look at the illustration on the facing page.
  • Only by facing your problems can you hope to overcome them.

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face verb