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explain verb

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explained, has explained, is explaining, explains

Ejemplos de uso de
explain verb

  • I need a lawyer to explain this contract to me.
  • The professor explained the poem to the class.
  • She explained how the machine worked.
  • I explained to them that I would be available by phone.
  • Scientists could not explain the strange lights in the sky.
  • I don't know how to explain the dog's strange behavior.
  • We asked him to explain his reasons to us.
  • Can you explain why no one was informed earlier?
  • That explains why we we're so far behind schedule.
  • Give me a chance to explain.

Sinónimos de
explain verb

Sinónimos detallados para explain verb

Explain, expound, explicate, elucidate, interpret, spell out significan hacer algo claro o comprensible.
  • Explain indica el hacer claro o inteligible lo que no es inmediatamente obvio o claramente sabido <the surgeon explained what the operation would involve>.
    antonyms: obfuscate
  • Expound indica una explicación esmerada, y a menudo elaborada o erudita <a professor expounding the theory of relativity>.
  • Explicate añade a expound la noción de un análisis minucioso de un tema <explicating the most difficult passage required an entire chapter>.
  • Elucidate recalca el traer a la luz mediante una explicación, exposición o ilustración <a newspaper report that elucidated the company's complex finances>.
  • Interpret añade a explain la indicación de la necesidad de imaginación, de empatía o de un conocimiento especial para hacer algo claro <interprets the play as an allegory about good and evil>.
  • Spell out implica explicar claramente todos los detalles de algo que generalmente no requiere tal explicación <she didn't take the hint, so he had to spell it out for her>.

Traducción inversa para to explain

explicar  - to explain 
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