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deal verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dealt, has dealt, is dealing, deals
repartir, dar; negociar; traficar

Ejemplos de uso de
deal verb

  • It's your turn to deal.
  • Each player is dealt five cards.
  • She was dealt a full house.
  • dealing out the cards for a game of poker
  • The offending players were dealt harsh penalties.
  • She got caught dealing drugs in school.

Sinónimos detallados para deal verb

Ver: Distribute

Traducción inversa para to deal

repartir  - to allocate, to distribute, to hand out, to spread 
dar  - to give, to suffice, to be enough, to deliver, to hand over, to hit, to strike, to yield, to produce, to perform, to give off, to emit 
negociar  - to deal, to do business, to negotiate 
traficar  - to trade, to deal 
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