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chisel verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
chiseled, has chiseled, is chiseling, chisels
cincelar, tallar, labrar; estafar, defraudar

Ejemplos de uso de
chisel verb

  • He chiseled off a corner of the block.
  • Letters were chiseled into a wall.

Sinónimos de
chisel verb

Traducción inversa para to chisel

cincelar  - to chisel, to engrave 
tallar  - to sculpt, to carve, to measure (someone's height), to deal (cards) 
labrar  - to carve, to work (metal), to cultivate, to till, to cause, to bring about 
estafar  - to swindle, to defraud 
defraudar  - to defraud, to cheat, to disappoint 
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