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to catch fire
para prenderse fuego
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catch verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
caught, has caught, is catching, catches
agarrar; capturar, atrapar, coger; pillar; engancharse; prender; captar; enganchar, enredar; tomar (un tren, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
catch verb

  • Catch the ball and throw it to first base.
  • She caught the ball with one hand.
  • I dropped the book but managed to catch it before it hit the ground.
  • I'll throw you the keys. Ready? Catch!
  • He caught hold of her wrist.
  • The police are working hard to catch the criminals and put them in jail.
  • “I bet you can't catch me!” she yelled to her brother.
  • I once caught 10 fish in a single day.
  • In the summer, we would catch fireflies and put them in jars.
  • I caught her just as she was leaving for work.
  • "I bet you can't catch me!" she yelled to her brother.

fire noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fuego; incendio; ardor, entusiasmo; disparos

Ejemplos de uso de
fire noun

  • Stay away from the fire.
  • The shack was destroyed by a fire.
  • Two people died in that terrible fire.
  • How did the fire start?
  • We warmed our hands over the fire.
  • She built a fire in the fireplace.
  • The fire went out and he had to light it again.

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fire noun