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supply noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
provisión, suministro; reserva, existencias (de un negocio)

Ejemplos de uso de
supply noun

  • Do they have adequate supplies of fresh water?
  • He bought a month's supply of cigarettes.
  • They took a month's worth of supplies on the camping trip.
  • The town is in need of basic medical supplies.
  • a store that sells art supplies
  • The state is trying to disrupt the supply of illegal drugs.
  • The storm interrupted the town's electricity supply.

Sinónimos de
supply noun

supply verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
supplied, has supplied, is supplying, supplies
suministrar, proveer de, proporcionar

Ejemplos de uso de
supply verb

  • The company supplied the necessary money.
  • You'll have to supply your own food.

Sinónimos detallados para supply verb

supply adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
suavemente, flexiblemente

Traducción inversa para supply

provisión  - provision 
suministro  - supply, provision 
reserva  - reservation, reserve, confidence, privacy 
existencias  (de un negocio) - existence 
suministrar  - to supply, to provide 
proporcionar  - to provide, to give, to proportion, to adapt 
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