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verb | noun

study verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
studied, has studied, is studying, studies
estudiar; examinar

Ejemplos de uso de
study verb

  • Did you study for the test?
  • She's studying to be a teacher.
  • I studied the request carefully.
  • She was studying his face for a reaction.
  • The proposal was studied in great detail.
  • The effects of the drug have never been thoroughly studied.

Sinónimos detallados para study verb

study noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
estudio; gabinete (en una casa); investigación

Ejemplos de uso de
study noun

  • Becoming a doctor requires years of study.
  • You can improve your knowledge of the natural world by study and observation.
  • She will return to her studies after vacation.
  • He left the service to pursue his studies.
  • The agency conducted an environmental study.
  • He took part in a study of childhood obesity.
  • The study of the new drug will be published next year.

Sinónimos de
study noun

Traducción inversa para study

estudiar  - to study 
examinar  - to examine, to inspect 
estudio  - study, studio 
gabinete  (en una casa) - cabinet (in government), study, office (in the home), (professional) office 
investigación  - investigation, inquiry, research 
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