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squarely adverb

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exactamente, directamente, justo; honradamente, justamente

Ejemplos de uso de
squarely adverb

  • We must face these problems squarely.
  • It's time to deal squarely with the facts.
  • literature that is squarely in the American tradition
  • Their marketing campaign is aimed squarely at adolescents.
  • The dart hit the board squarely in the middle.
  • Look me squarely in the eye and tell me you're not lying.
  • He hit the ball squarely.
  • Her feet were squarely planted.

Sinónimos de
squarely adverb

Traducción inversa para squarely

exactamente  - exactly 
directamente  - straight, directly 
justo  - justly, right, exactly, tightly 
honradamente  - honestly, decently 
justamente  - precisely, exactly, justly, fairly 
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