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noun | verb

spill noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
derrame, vertido; caída

Sinónimos de
spill noun

spill verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
spilled, has spilled, is spilling, spills
derramar, verter; derramarse; revelar, divulgar

Ejemplos de uso de
spill verb

  • I accidentally spilled coffee all over my new suit.
  • Clean up the flour you spilled on the floor.
  • a puddle of spilled water
  • Water spilled over the dam.
  • She opened the door and light spilled into the room.
  • an interviewer who gets celebrities to spill their secrets
  • Come on, spill it. Who gave you the money?

Sinónimos de
spill verb

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Traducción inversa para spill

derrame  - spilling, shedding, leakage, overflow, discharge, hemorrhage 
vertido  - spilling, spill 
caída  - fall, drop, collapse, downfall 
derramar  - to spill, to shed (tears, blood) 
verter  - to flow, to pour, to spill, to shed, to empty out, to express, to voice, to translate, to render 
derramarse  - to spill over, to scatter 
revelar  - to reveal, to disclose, to develop (film) 
divulgar  - to spread, to circulate, to divulge, to reveal, to popularize 
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