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noun | verb

space noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
espacio, lapso, período; sitio, lugar; espacio (en física); plaza

Ejemplos de uso de
space noun

  • They sent the satellite into space.
  • There's still some space for a bookshelf.
  • Is there space in the cabinet for these dishes?
  • There's not much empty space.
  • the space behind the couch
  • He moved the books to create more space on his desk.
  • Those old boxes take up a lot of space.
  • The magazine devotes a lot of space to advertising.
  • She has a space between her front teeth.
  • There isn't much space between our houses.
  • the wide open spaces of the western U.S.

Sinónimos de
space noun

space verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
spaced, has spaced, is spacing, spaces

Ejemplos de uso de
space verb

  • Space the seedlings about six inches apart.
  • He spaces his albums so that he puts one out every two to three years.
  • They spaced the births of their three children two years apart.

Verbos frasales para space

  • space out - (argot) desconectarse, estar en la luna

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Traducción inversa para space

espacio  - space, room, period, length (of time) 
lapso  - lapse, space (of time) 
período  - period 
sitio  - place, site, room, space, siege, taxi stand 
lugar  - place, position, space, room 
espacio  (en física) - space, room, period, length (of time) 
plaza  - square, plaza, marketplace, room, space, seat (in a vehicle), post, position 
espaciar  - to space out, to spread out 
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