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noun | verb

slide noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
deslizamiento; resbalón; tobogán (para niños); diapositiva (fotográfica); descenso
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Children on a slide in a public playground

Sinónimos de
slide noun

slide verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
slid, has slid, is sliding, slides
correr, deslizar; resbalar; deslizarse; bajar
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A child sliding on the snow

Ejemplos de uso de
slide verb

  • The door slides open easily.
  • The firefighters slid down the pole to their trucks.
  • He slid the bottle across the table.
  • Slide your finger along the seam.
  • She slid the paper under the door.
  • He slid across the ice.
  • Cars were slipping and sliding all over the roads during the snowstorm.
  • Her purse slid out of her hands.
  • The strap of her dress kept sliding down.
  • She slid into the booth beside us.

Sinónimos de
slide verb

Frases relacionadas para slide

  • slide show - presentación, presentación de diapositivas

Traducción inversa para slide

resbalón  - slip 
tobogán  (para niños) - toboggan, sled, slide, chute 
diapositiva  (fotográfica) - slide, transparency 
descenso  - descent, drop, fall 
correr  - to run, to race, to travel over, to cover, to move, to slide, to roll, to draw (curtains), to rush, to flow 
deslizar  - to slide, to slip, to slip in 
resbalar  - to slip, to slide, to slip up, to make a mistake, to skid 
deslizarse  - to slide, to glide, to slip away 
bajar  - to drop, to fall, to lower, to let down, to take down, to come down, to go down, to reduce (prices), to ebb (of tides), to lower, to bow (the head), to go down, to descend 
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