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scrape verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
scraped, has scraped, is scraping, scrapes
rozar, rascar; raspar

Ejemplos de uso de
scrape verb

  • Someone had scraped the car with a key.
  • I scraped one of the chairs while bringing it up the stairs.
  • I scraped my knee when I fell.
  • fingernails scraping against a blackboard
  • the sound of chairs scraping on the floor as people stood to leave
  • The boat scraped against the edge of the dock.
  • She scraped her fingernails across the blackboard.
  • The deer scraped its antlers against the tree.
  • Scrape the seeds into a bowl.
  • Scrape the paint from the wood.

Sinónimos de
scrape verb

Traducción inversa para scraping

rozar  - to chafe, to rub against, to border on, to touch on, to graze, to touch lightly 
rascar  - to scratch, to scrape 
raspar  - to scrape, to be rough, to file down, to smooth 
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