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represent verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
represented, has represented, is representing, represents
representar; ser un representante de; presentar

Ejemplos de uso de
represent verb

  • He represented his company at the meeting.
  • She hired an agent to represent her in the contract negotiations.
  • Senator Smith represents the state of Connecticut.
  • The company is represented by a local law firm.
  • She represented the United States in figure skating at the Olympics.
  • The court's decision represents a victory for small businesses.
  • The new prices represent a substantial increase over last year's prices.

Sinónimos de
represent verb

Traducción inversa para represent

representar  - to represent, to act for, to perform, to look, to appear as, to symbolize, to stand for, to signify, to mean 
presentar  - to present, to show, to offer, to give, to submit (a document), to launch (a product), to introduce (a person) 
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