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read verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
read, has read, is reading, reads
leer; decir; interpretar; poner; marcar

Ejemplos de uso de
read verb

  • She learned to read at a very early age.
  • I can't read your handwriting.
  • He likes reading the newspaper.
  • She reads a lot of mystery novels.
  • She starts work every day by reading her e-mail.
  • Didn't you read the instructions?
  • Please read from Chapter 5 through Chapter 10.
  • He read the poem aloud.
  • He wrote down the address I gave him and read it back to me.
  • Her mother read to her every night at bedtime.

Sinónimos de
read verb

¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado se escribe igual, read, pero se pronuncia distinto (como la palabra red).

read noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
read noun

  • She was lying in bed having a peaceful read.
  • He reviewed the book after several reads.

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Traducción inversa para read

leer  - to read 
decir  - to say, to tell, to speak, to talk, to call 
interpretar  - to interpret, to play, to perform 
poner  - to contribute, to put, to place, to set up, to establish, to install, to put in, to make, to turn on, to switch on, to suppose, to lay (eggs), to lay eggs, to put in, to add, 
marcar  - to mark, to score, to brand (livestock), to dial, to indicate, to show, to emphasize, to dial (a telephone), to guard (an opponent), to score (a goal, a point) 
lectura  - reading, reading matter 
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