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noun | adjective

public noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
public noun

  • The beach is open to the public.
  • The general public is in favor of the law.
  • Members of the public called for the mayor's resignation.

public adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
public adjective

  • Public outrage over the scandal eventually forced him to resign.
  • The ads are intended to increase public awareness of the risks of smoking.
  • She was elected to a public office.
  • He was in Congress for many years but he recently retired from public life.
  • They decided on a nearby restaurant as a convenient public place to meet.
  • The government has allowed public access to the documents.
  • The city council is holding a public meeting.
  • This will be her first public performance in five years.
  • Her trial will be public.

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publico  - public, audience, spectators 
publico  - public 
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