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piece of paper
pedazo de papel
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piece noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
trozo, pedazo; pieza; obra, pieza (de musica, etc.); ficha, figura (en ajedrez)
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A piece of cake

Ejemplos de uso de
piece noun

  • Divide the pie into six equal pieces.
  • The cheese was cut into small pieces and arranged on a silver platter.
  • You have a piece of lettuce stuck between your teeth.
  • Her broken bicycle lay in pieces by the side of the road.
  • I watched her rip the letter to pieces and throw it away.
  • There are 12 pieces in this stainless steel knife set.
  • a jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces
  • We're missing one piece of the puzzle.
  • I took apart the engine piece by piece and put it back together again.

paper noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
papel; documento; periódico, diario

Ejemplos de uso de
paper noun

  • We'll need pens, glue, and some paper.
  • Be sure to print the letter on good paper.
  • He scribbled the number on a scrap of paper.
  • a crumpled piece of paper
  • The border guards asked to see my papers.
  • They published a landmark paper in 1995.
  • The teacher was busy grading papers.
  • She did well on her history paper.

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paper noun