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nothing noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
nada; cero; nimiedad; (figurado) don nadie

Ejemplos de uso de
nothing noun

  • It appeared out of nothing.
  • The UFO hovered for a while, then vanished into nothing.
  • My children are important to me-I'm nothing without them.

nothing adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
de ninguna manera

Ejemplos de uso de
nothing adverb

  • She is nothing like her sister.
  • It's nothing close to finished.

nothing pronoun

unfavorite favorite play sound
nada; (figurado) nada

Ejemplos de uso de
nothing pronoun

  • There's nothing in my hands.
  • She knows nothing of our plans.
  • You have nothing to worry about.
  • There's nothing fun to do around here.
  • You think that's bad? It's nothing compared to what I went through.
  • Don't get all upset over nothing.
  • Your opinion means nothing to me.
  • “Are you hurt?” “Don't worry. It's nothing.”
¿Cuándo se usa nothing y anything?
  • Usa anything después de un verbo negativo (con don’t o not). Usa nothing después de un verbo positivo (sin don’t o not) > I know nothing about it.

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Traducción inversa para nothing

nada  - nothingness, smidgen, bit 
cero  - zero 
nimiedad  - trifle, triviality 
don nadie  (figurado)
nada  - nothing 
nada  (figurado)
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