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noise noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
noise noun

  • I couldn't hear him over all the noise.
  • That's not music. To me it's a bunch of noise.
  • The furnace makes a lot of noise when it comes on.
  • We closed the windows to block out the traffic noise.
  • The landlord has been getting complaints from the tenants about noise.
  • There were noises coming from the basement.
  • The sink was making a gurgling noise.
  • Do you hear that rattling noise?
  • The machine hardly makes any noise.
  • The initial data included a lot of noise that had to be weeded out.

Sinónimos de
noise noun

Sinónimos detallados para noise noun

Ver: Sound

Traducción inversa para noise

ruido  - noise, sound 
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