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learn verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
learned, has learned, is learning, learns
aprender; aprender de memoria; enterarse, saber; enterarse de

Ejemplos de uso de
learn verb

  • Children learn to read and write in school.
  • I can't swim yet, but I'm learning.
  • She's interested in learning French.
  • We had to learn the rules of the game.
  • I'm trying to learn my lines for the play.
  • We had to learn the names of the state capitals.
  • She learned through a letter that her father had died.
  • I later learned that they had never called.
  • We finally learned the truth about what had happened.
  • People learn throughout their lives.
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  • El verbo learn denota el proceso de adquirir una nueva habilidad o conocimiento. Por ejemplo: He learned English (el adquirió la habilidad de hablar inglés). She learned how to ride a bicycle.
    El verbo study denota aprendizaje o investigación que va más allá de adquirir habilidades básicas o conocimiento básico. Por ejemplo: They study English (ellos aprenden la historia del lenguaje, literatura inglesa, etc.). She studied the cause of the illness (ella investigó la causa de la enfermedad).

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Ver: Discover

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Traducción inversa para learn

aprender  - to learn 
enterarse  - to find out, to learn 
saber  - to know, to know, to suppose, to be informed, to know how to, to be able to, to learn, to find out, to taste 
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