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labor noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
trabajo, esfuerzos; parto; tarea, labor; mano de obra

Ejemplos de uso de
labor noun

  • A day's labor should get the job done.
  • Getting the job done will require many hours of difficult labor.
  • He rested from his labors.
  • The cost of repairing the car includes parts and labor.
  • an area in which there is a shortage of cheap labor
  • The proposed new law is opposed by organized labor.
  • She went into labor this morning.
  • She has been in labor for several hours.
  • She began to have labor pains this morning.
  • She had a difficult labor.

Sinónimos de
labor noun

Sinónimos detallados para labor noun

Ver: Work

labor verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
labored, has labored, is laboring, labors
insistir en, extenderse sobre; trabajar; avanzar penosamente (dícese de una persona), funcionar con dificultad (dícese de un motor)

Ejemplos de uso de
labor verb

  • Workers labored in the vineyard.
  • He labored for several years as a miner.
  • She has labored in vain to convince them to accept her proposal.
  • We should honor those who labored so long to make the truth known.
  • The truck labored up the hill.
  • I have been laboring through this book for months.
  • She has a tendency to labor the obvious.

Sinónimos de
labor verb

labor sustantivo

work, labor

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Traducción inversa para labor

trabajo  - work, job, labor, work, task, effort 
esfuerzos  - effort, spirit, vigor 
parto  - childbirth, delivery, labor, product, creation, brainchild 
tarea  - task, job, homework 
labor  - work, labor 
trabajar  - to work (metal), to work, to knead, to strive, to act, to perform, to till, to work on 
avanzar penosamente  (dícese de una persona)
funcionar con dificultad  (dícese de un motor)
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