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noun | verb

label noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
etiqueta, rótulo; calificación, descripción; marca

Ejemplos de uso de
label noun

  • The name is prominently displayed on the label.
  • You should read the warning label before you take any medicine.
  • The word was given the label “obsolete.”
  • Some people describe him as “selfish,” but he doesn't deserve that label.
  • Once you give people labels, it's hard to see them as individuals.
  • The band has made records for several different labels in their career.

Sinónimos de
label noun

label verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
labeled, has labeled, is labeling, labels
etiquetar, poner etiqueta a; calificar, tildar, tachar

Ejemplos de uso de
label verb

  • Be sure to carefully label the switches so that you don't confuse them.
  • He labels his photographs with the date and place they were taken.

Sinónimos de
label verb

Traducción inversa para label

etiqueta  - etiquette, tag, label 
rótulo  - heading, title, label, sign 
calificación  - grade (for a course), rating, score, qualification, qualifying 
descripción  - description 
marca  - mark, brand, make, trademark, record (in sports) 
etiquetar  - to label 
calificar  - to grade, to describe, to rate, to qualify, to modify (in grammar) 
tildar  - to brand as, to call 
tachar  - to cross out, to delete 
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