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noun | verb

impact noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
impacto, choque, colisión; efecto, consecuencias

Ejemplos de uso de
impact noun

  • No one could have survived such an impact.
  • These warnings have been heard so often that they have lost their impact.
  • The book had a huge impact when it first came out.
  • We need to be concerned about the environmental impacts of all this construction.
  • She expects to make an immediate impact at work.

Sinónimos de
impact noun

impact verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
impacted, has impacted, is impacting, impacts
chocar con, impactar; hacer impacto, golpear; afectar, impresionar

Ejemplos de uso de
impact verb

  • No one is sure how these changes will impact our relations with other countries.
  • Both events negatively impacted her life.
  • The tax increase will impact low-income families the most.
  • The poor economy is impacting on small businesses.
  • A crater was formed at the point where the meteor impacted the planet's surface.

Sinónimos de
impact verb

Traducción inversa para impact

impacto  - impact, effect, shock, collision 
choque  - crash, collision, clash, conflict, shock 
colisión  - collision 
efecto  - effect 
consecuencias  - consequence, result 
impactar  - to hit, to impact, to affect 
golpear  - to beat (up), to hit, to knock (at a door), to beat, to slam, to bang, to strike 
afectar  - to affect, to upset, (figurative) to shake up, to feign, to pretend 
impresionar  - to impress, to strike, to make an impression, to affect, to move 
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