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immediate adjective

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inmediato, instantáneo; directo; urgente, apremiante; cercano, próximo

Ejemplos de uso de
immediate adjective

  • This requires your immediate attention.
  • The new restaurant was an immediate success.
  • This crisis calls for immediate action.
  • The response to the crisis was immediate.
  • The wildfire poses no immediate threat to any houses in the area.
  • The danger is not immediate.
  • They have evacuated everyone in the immediate area of the wildfire.
  • Many people suffered in the war's immediate aftermath.
  • The effect of the new policy will be unknown for the immediate future.
  • He was sitting to my immediate right.

Sinónimos de
immediate adjective

Sinónimos detallados para immediate adjective

Ver: Direct

Traducción inversa para immediate

inmediato  - immediate, adjoining 
instantáneo  - instantaneous 
directo  - direct, straight, immediate 
urgente  - urgent 
apremiante  - pressing, urgent 
cercano  - near, close 
próximo  - near, close, next, following 
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