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unfavorite favorite
alta tensión

high adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
alto; elevado; grande, importante; alto (en musica); borracho, drogado

Ejemplos de uso de
high adjective

  • The apartment has high ceilings.
  • The airplane was high above the clouds.
  • The bush is six feet high.
  • a building 100 stories high
  • They have a home in the high country.
  • The houses are built on high ground.
  • They reached speeds as high as 100 mph.
  • He's being treated for high blood pressure.
  • She earns a high salary.
  • His books are in high demand.
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre high y tall?
  • Tenga en cuenta la diferencia entre high y tall.
    High se usa para describir objetos con una base ancha, como montañas, sillas, mesas, etc., u objetos que no tocan el piso, como aviones o pájaros. Ejemplos: The chair is too high, I can't sit comfortably. The highest mountains in the world are in the Himalayan mountain range. The plane is still very high, so it probably isn't going to land.
    Tall se usa para describir cosas que tienen forma delgada, como personas, árboles, ciertos animales, pilares, etc. Ejemplos: John is so tall, that he often hits his head on the door frame. The tallest trees in the world are the redwoods in Sierra Nevada, California. The Serengeti nature reserve is home to tall giraffes and big African buffaloes. The beach house is built on tall pillars.

tension noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tensión, tirantez; nerviosismo, estrés

Ejemplos de uso de
tension noun

  • You can see she is just filled with tension about her job.
  • The dramatic tension was very satisfying.
  • The author resolves the tension too soon.
  • Political tensions in the region make it unstable.
  • Do you sense the tension between those two?
  • There was a lot of tension at the meeting.
  • The book describes the tension-filled days before the war.
  • He felt a tension between duty and love.
  • There will always be some tension between the desire to reduce risk and the desire to make as much money as possible.

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tension noun

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