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2 Resultados de traducción para harm en español

verb | noun

harm verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
harmed, has harmed, is harming, harms
hacerle daño a, perjudicar

Ejemplos de uso de
harm verb

  • He would never intentionally harm his children.
  • chemicals that could harm the environment
  • The scandal has seriously harmed his reputation.

Sinónimos de
harm verb

Sinónimos detallados para harm verb

Ver: Injure

harm noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
daño, perjuicio

Ejemplos de uso de
harm noun

  • They threatened him with bodily harm.
  • The scandal has done irreparable harm to his reputation.
  • She'll do anything to protect her children from harm.
  • They have suffered serious physical harm.
  • These new regulations could cause lasting harm to small businesses.

Traducción inversa para harm

perjudicar  - to harm, to be detrimental to 
daño  - damage, harm, injury 
perjuicio  - harm, damage 
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