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verb | noun

gauge verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
gauged, has gauged, is gauging, gauges
medir; estimar, evaluar, juzgar

Ejemplos de uso de
gauge verb

  • Home sales are a way of gauging the overall health of the economy.
  • He accurately gauged the mood of the voters.
  • I was gauging her reaction to the news.
  • A barometer is an instrument for gauging humidity.

Sinónimos detallados para gauge verb

Ver: Estimate

gauge noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
indicador; calibre; indicio, muestra
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A speed gauge and a fuel gauge on a car's dashboard

Ejemplos de uso de
gauge noun

  • The reading from the water gauge indicated a leak in one of the major pipelines.
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Sinónimos detallados para gauge noun

Ver: Standard

Traducción inversa para gauge

medir  - to measure, to measure, to weigh, to consider 
estimar  - to esteem, to respect, to estimate, to appraise, to consider, to deem 
evaluar  - to evaluate, to assess, to appraise, (figurative) to take stock 
juzgar  - to try, to judge (a case in court), to pass judgment on, to consider, to deem 
indicador  - gauge, dial, meter, indicator 
calibre  - caliber, gauge, importance, excellence, kind, sort 
indicio  - indication, sign 
muestra  - sample, sign, show, exhibition, exposition, pattern, model 
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