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noun | verb

flutter noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
revoloteo, aleteo; revuelo, agitación

Ejemplos de uso de
flutter noun

  • With a flutter of wings, the birds settled into the nest.
  • The flutter of the flame cast shadows on the ceiling.
  • He was in a flutter until he found his keys.
  • The news of her resignation caused quite a flutter.
  • have a flutter on a horse in the second race

Sinónimos de
flutter noun

flutter verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
fluttered, has fluttered, is fluttering, flutters
revolotear (dícese de un pájaro), ondear (dícese de una bandera), palpitar con fuerza (dícese del corazón); sacudir, batir

Ejemplos de uso de
flutter verb

  • The bird was fluttering its wings.
  • The bird's wings were fluttering.
  • We watched the butterflies fluttering in the garden.
  • Leaves fluttered to the ground.
  • The breeze made the curtains flutter.
  • The breeze fluttered the curtains.
  • She fluttered her eyelashes at him.
  • She nervously fluttered around the office.

Traducción inversa para flutters

revoloteo  - fluttering, flitting 
aleteo  - flapping, flutter 
revuelo  - fluttering, commotion, stir 
agitación  - agitation, nervousness 
revolotear  (dícese de un pájaro) - to flutter around, to flit 
ondear  (dícese de una bandera) - to ripple, to undulate, to flutter 
palpitar con fuerza  (dícese del corazón)
sacudir  - to shake, to beat, to jerk, to jolt, to dust off, to shake up, to shock 
batir  - to beat, to hit, to defeat, to mix, to beat, to break (a record) 
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