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fish verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
fished, has fished, is fishing, fishes
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The young girl is fishing at the lake.

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fish verb

  • We spent the afternoon fishing for trout.
  • They fished the stream all morning.
  • She was fishing around in her purse for her keys.

fish noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
fishes, fish
pez (vivo), pescado (para comer)
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A fish swimming in an aquarium

Ejemplos de uso de
fish noun

  • We're having fish for dinner.
  • He's rather an odd fish.
¿Cuál es el plural de fish?
  • La forma plural es fish, y es idéntica a la forma singular. Ejemplo: There are many fish in the sea.
    La forma plural fishes se usa generalmente para referirse a diferentes especies de criaturas marinas. Ejemplo: This research is about fossils of reptiles and fishes.
    Cuando se habla de comida, se usa fish como un sustantivo incontable. Ejemplo: How much fish do you eat each week?

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Traducción inversa para fish

pescar  - to fish, to go fishing, to fish for, to catch, to get a hold of, to land 
pez  (vivo) - pitch, tar, fish 
pescado  (para comer) - fish (as food) 
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