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eye opener

unfavorite favorite
(figurado) revelación, sorpresa

eye noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
ojo; visión, vista; mirada, ojeada; atención; punto de vista; ojo (de una aguja, una papa, una tormenta)
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A close-up of a human eye

Example sentences of
eye noun

  • Her eyes are blue, but my eyes are brown.
  • He wears a patch over one eye.
  • I have something in my eye.
  • Only a trained eye can tell the difference between the original painting and a good copy.
  • For decorating, they rely on her discerning eye.
  • He has an artist's eye for color.
  • He reviewed the proposal with a jaundiced eye.
  • The biographer cast a cold eye on the artist's life.
  • Her eyes slowly became accustomed to the dark.

Synonyms of
eye noun

¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la pronunciación no es fonética.

opener noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
destapador, abrelatas, abridor

Example sentences of
opener noun

  • The album's opener is a slow love song.

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